speedy shipping bar upsell

Welcome to Speedy – Shipping Bar & Upsell, the indispensable tool for every store owner looking to enhance the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns and upsells. With Speedy, you can effortlessly create dynamic, flexible, and precise messages to your customers through a unique feature called “Booster”.

As the cart value changes, whether it’s adding products, applying discount codes, or appearing during the checkout process, Speedy will automatically update and display relevant messages. This not only helps your customers better understand the ongoing offers and promotions but also increases the likelihood of them adding more items to their cart or upgrading their orders.

Let’s explore and harness the full potential of Speedy to boost revenue and improve the shopping experience for your customers!

For more details on how to configure and use Speedy, please continue reading the guide below.

What is Speedy Upsell Booster?

Speedy Upsell Booster is a powerful feature integrated into the Speedy app, designed to display dynamic promotional notifications based on changes in your customers’ cart value. With these notifications, you can enhance the effectiveness of your upsell and promotional campaigns while providing a better shopping experience for your customers.

Speedy Upsell Booster consists of four types:

bar booster at the top of website

product booster on the product page

cart booster on the cart page

slider 1 in a group
slider 2 in a group
slider 3 in a group

In short, with Speedy Upsell Booster, you can be flexible and creative in creating promotional notifications, thereby increasing conversion rates and revenue for your store.

Guide to Creating Speedy Upsell Booster

*Note: When you initiate the app, if the Speedy Extension hasn’t been activated, you’ll receive a notification as follows:

inactivation notification

To activate the extension for the app to work, click on “Enable”. You’ll then be redirected to the theme editor. At this point, activate both “TSB – CLS Optimizer” and “TSB – Launcher”, then click Save.

theme editor

Return to the main interface of the app and refresh to update the latest status.

Now, let’s begin:

To make full use of Speedy Upsell Booster, here are the detailed steps to help you create a new booster:

Step 1: From the homepage of the Speedy app, select “Create New Booster”.
You will then be prompted to choose the type of booster you want to create, with three options available: Bar, Product, and Cart.

Step 2: After selecting the type of booster, you will be directed to the booster creation form. This form consists of four main sections:

Content: Here, you can customize the content for the promotional notification and configure other settings.

content configuration

Design: This section allows you to customize the design of the booster, from selecting colors, fonts to changing the size and display position.

design configuration

Target: Here, you can set conditions to define the target customer group for the promotional notifications. This helps you display notifications accurately and effectively.

target configuration

Translation: To serve international customers, this section allows you to add translations for the content of the booster, ensuring your message is clearly communicated to all of your customers.

translation configuration

Step 3: Complete the information for the booster, then save the settings and preview it directly on your store. Make sure that the extension is enabled with your current theme.

website preview