Speedy Free Shipping Bar & Upsell – Custom Bar Position Guide

custom position

Besides using default positions to automatically display the booster on your website, you also have the ability to customize the position individually for each booster. Just follow these simple steps: Step 1: In the booster creation form, set the position to “Custom“. A dialog box will then appear: Step 2: Save the booster and access […]

Speedy Shipping Bar & Upsell – Configuration Guide

freeshipping bar and upsell

Welcome to Speedy – Shipping Bar & Upsell, the indispensable tool for every store owner looking to enhance the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns and upsells. With Speedy, you can effortlessly create dynamic, flexible, and precise messages to your customers through a unique feature called “Booster”. As the cart value changes, whether it’s adding products, […]