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Speedy Tiktok Feed

Speedy Tiktok Feed livens up your store by seamlessly integrating TikTok feeds, turning social media content into dynamic product showcases. With multiple default templates, customization options, and being device responsive, your Shopify store can build trust and boost sales effortlessly. Keep your store fresh and dynamic while driving conversions and expanding your reach.


Amazing Features

All Devices Responsive

Shoppable widgets and content are designed to look great on any screen size. Customize post width and spacing for a seamless experience on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional integrity for better user engagement.

Customizable Widgets and Pop-ups

Widgets are TikTok video components for your store that you create and design. Pop-ups show video info and product tags when a widget video is clicked. Speedy lets you easily design widgets and pop-ups with customizable settings and 8 templates.

Shoppable Feed

Tag products in your widgets, enabling viewers to click and access detailed product pages instantly within the app. This integration turns engaging content into a streamlined shopping experience, boosting user engagement and creating direct monetization opportunities for store owners.

Advanced Features

Automatically adjust prices to viewer location with currency conversion. Customize shoppable content appearance using Custom CSS to match your brand. Thumbnails and avatars are permanently stored on Shopify CDN, never expiring.

Easy Configuration Dashboard

You'll find a user-friendly settings interface, clear text instructions, and a detailed tutorial video to help you effortlessly set up everything from linking your TikTok account to tagging items in your video widgets.

SEO and CLS Optimized

Shoppable widgets do not affect SEO scores or slow down loading speed, ensuring a smooth buying experience. They are optimized to maintain stable layouts, preventing content shifts and ensuring a frustration-free user experience.

How It Work?

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Lovely Customers

Speedy TikTok Feed has been a game-changer for my online store! It effortlessly integrates TikTok feeds, transforming them into captivating product showcases with minimal setup required. Highly recommend for anyone looking to boost sales and showcase their products in a fun way!

Poly Dem Small Business Owner

I can't say enough good things about Speedy TikTok Feed! As someone who's always looking for innovative ways to market my products, this app has been a godsend. Thanks to this app, my store is more engaging than ever, and I've seen a noticeable increase in sales!

Robin Ton E-commerce Entrepreneur

As someone who's not the most tech-savvy, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up and use. Within minutes, I had TikTok videos attached into my Shopify store, adding a whole new dimension to my product listings. I've already noticed an uptick in engagement and sales, and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Magar Faw Online Retailer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide customer support to assist you with installation, customization, and any questions or issues you may encounter while using Speedy TikTok Feed on your Shopify store.

Speedy TikTok Feed continuously monitors the availability of videos. If a video becomes unavailable or is deleted on TikTok, the app automatically updates the feed to remove the unavailable content.

Yes, Speedy TikTok Feed offers customization options such as adjusting the layout, colors, and size of the feed to match your Shopify store's theme and branding.

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